The Telecom 0867 Saga.


Telecom has succeeded in imposing conditions on residential customers connecting to the Internet. As from the First of November their Internet Dial-up Charge will apply if you access the Internet for more than 10 hours per month on a local 7 digit number from a residential phone where you do not pay local call charges. It does not apply where:


*   You connect to Planet Hamilton on 0867 95701 or 0867 95700.


*   Make a toll call to connect to Planet Hamilton.


*   Your residential package is HomeFree200 or HomeFree400.


*   You connect through a business line.


If you think that the Internet Dial-up Charge may apply to you please change you dial-up number to one of the Planet Hamilton 0867 numbers as per the link off the Welcome Page. If you have any difficulties please call us on 07 854 0907.


According to Telecom "the reason for the introduction of 0867 and the Internet Dial-up Charge is to enable Telecom to manage Internet traffic on the network more effectively and meet anticipated growth in Internet use." Cynics, or maybe the realists amongst us, wonder why anyone paying more than just the monthly connection charge does not need to be managed for the greater benefit of Telecom's network or for the anticipated growth in the Internet. There is a rumor that by forcing people onto the 0867 numbers Telecom will not have to pay as much in interconnection charges to the other telecommunication's companies like Clear.



New Servers.


On a more cheerful not Planet has upgraded several of it's servers most notably the mail server.



Time and Traffic Online.


It is now possible to view the amount of time you have spent on the Internet in a month. Try the link "Check your account's traffic and time" off the PlaNet Home page.



Web Hosting.

We would also like to remind everyone that we host web pages. We give discounts for local organisations and companies. Too few Waikato institutions and companies are represented on the Web.