Update your Web Browser!

The PlaNet FTP site has late versions of the most popular Web browsers. Just click on the link for the one you want.
Warning! They are fairly large downloads, and the time given are an approximation only, they may vary greatly depending on your phone line and modem speed. Try during the night (after 11:00 pm) for best results
Netscape Communicator 4.7 14 Mb 3.5 hours
Microsoft Explorer 4.00 17 Mb 4.2 hours
Opera 3.51 Shareware 1.3 Mb 1/4 hours
All these browsers require Windows 95 or 98, a Pentium processor and at least 16 Mb of RAM. Netscape and Internet Explorer are free, but Opera is shareware, i.e. you can use for a month but you must pay a US$35.00 fee to keep it beyond that period

If you have a slower machine, use the ones below. Still require Windows 95 and 12 Mb of RAM.
Netscape Navigator 3.01 6 Mb 1.5 hours
Microsoft Explorer 3.02 10.5 Mb 2.6 hours

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